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2024-2025 SEASON

August 26, 2024


May 10, 2025

Registration Opens July 1


Tuition is Due Upon Registration


Youth: Ages 1.5-5

Tiny Tots (ages 18 months-3) 


Introductory dance class for students ages 2-3.  Incorporates ballet, jazz and tap movement.  Ballet and tap shoes are required.  We can size students at the studio on their first day and order dance shoes as well as dance dresses and bags.

Fridays 9:30-10:15 am  


Starz (ages 3-5) 

Creative dance class for students ages 4-5.  This class starts to focus on timing and rhythms while using props and creative music.  Incorporates ballet, tap and jazz movement.  Tap and ballet shoes are required.  We can size students at the studio for shoes. 


Choose one of the following class times:


Mondays 2:30-3:15

Tuesdays 5-5:45

Thursdays 3:30-4:15

Screen Shot 2024-06-18 at 14.55.11.png

Minis 6-8

Juniors 9-11

Teens 12-15 

Seniors 15-18 

Class Placement

Students who have taken class at Bella the previous year will be automatically placed in the class levels their teacher has recommended for them.

Students who are new to our program will be placed in a class based on their age and experience level. Their first class will be used as a placement audition and will determine what class(es) will best suit each student's ability. All class placements are solely at the discretion of Bella Dance Studio faculty and/or our Studio Director.

Class Attire

Check out our dress code page! 

Withdraw/Drop a Class

To drop your student form their class(es) please email us. Parents will be responsible for tuition charges until we receive an email withdrawing your student.  

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