Bella Dance Studio Inc. - Artistic Director Dani Scarafiotti

Introductory Level Classes
(for students ages 2.5 to 6)

Please see our  "Summer" page for summer class information!

2017-2018 Season

September 11, 2017 through May 12, 2018

Schedule - TBA

Class Descriptions
These classes introduce students to elements of music, rhythm and basic dance steps in a fun and positive classroom environment.  They include multiple techniques (jazz, ballet and tap) in each session and student's dance to fun music and incorporate different props!

Twinkle Tots
Ages 2.5 to 3.5
This class is a thirty minute introductory to movement class.  Dancers will learn basic steps while also learning to follow direction and imitate movements.  This class includes elements in ballet, tap and creative dance.  The use of props such as hula hoops, scarves and dancing bears encourages young dancers to use their imagination and creativity while having fun! 

Twinkle Starz 
Ages 4-6
These are 45 minute dance classes consisting of ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement.  These classes are designed to introduce young dancers to the three styles of dance while inspiring creativity.  Dancers will learn basic steps and terminology in all three styles of dance. The use of props also makes these classes super fun!  We have two age divisions available.

 Class Attire
Students will need the following items for class:
-pink ballet shoes
-tan u-shell tap shoes
-leotard and dance skirt or a dance/tutu dress

Starter kits are available for students and include the required dancewear, shoes, and a dance bag.  (Join us at the studio during registration week in August to order starter kits in time to arrive for your students first class!

Costumes for our annual recital need to be ordered through the front desk.  Payment is due November 15, 2016.  We will measure students in their classes in November  Costumes $59 each for our Twinkle dancers.  The same shoes that are required for class will be needed for the performance, pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes.

Withdraw/Drop a Class
To drop your student form their class(es) please email us. Parents will be responsible for tuition charges until we receive an email withdrawing your student.